Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can Men Get Yeast Infections? Find Out the Truth and What You Can Do About It

Men and a yeast infection are two things you do not associate together very often. However, the truth is, men can also get the infection and suffer from its effects. Usually it is with women that we connect with the infection. In fact almost 7 out of 10 women have one time or another have encountered the infection and went through its different stages.

Even though most of the cases are with women, men are also very susceptible to it, and one of the most usual ways of men acquiring the infection is through sex. Yes, you heard right, you can get it through sexual intercourse. Now most men think that the infection is just a skin problem and they only get it if they have skin to skin contact with an infected person. But if your sexual partner has the infection, chances are you will also get infected.

Before we talk about what to do with the infection, let us talk about how it all starts. Yeast infections are due to the overgrowth of the bacteria Candida Albican. The bacteria is already present in our body and it usually harmless, however if there is a major imbalance of our metabolism the bacteria multiplies and becomes an infection. If our body is out of whack then the infection gets going and growing. The usual effects of the infection will be itching, redness and soreness of the infected area. Since the infection can be acquired through sexual intercourse then it also possible the get the infection directly on your penis. That's right, the infection can grow on your genitals, and the doctors have said that penile yeast infection is very common.

Now what can we do about the infection? For one thing you can use the over the counter drugs available in the market today. However, most of those medicines only masks the infection and never really cures it. Since the infection is caused by an internal imbalance we must need to correct the problem internally and naturally.

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