Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yeast Infections Under the Breast - Do You Have It?

According to statistics almost 70 percent of women at one time of their lives have experienced a yeast infection. And the most common areas that the infections appear are at the vagina, rectum, mouth and tongue. However, sometimes fungal infections also appear under the breast.

These mostly appear with lactating mothers. Candida infections are common among pregnant and mothers that just gave birth. This is due to the major imbalance happening during pregnancy and childbirth. The reason for having a yeast problem is the overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans. Usually this fungus lives in the vagina, rectum, mouth and the digestive tract. These fungus are usually harmless, however, if there is a major imbalance in our body this can cause the overgrowth of the candida fungus and cause the infection.

If the infection appears on or under the breast the common manifestation will be your nipples will be extremely sore, itching, burning, red, or blistery. Also you may have pain in your breasts around the time of feeding your baby or afterwards. In this case your infant may also get a mouth yeast infection. So it is very important that you cure your yeast problem.

You can always buy over the counter medication to cure the infection; however most of these medications only cover up the infection and only bring temporary relief. In order to remove the yeast infection under your breast you will need to cure it naturally. Treating the infection naturally will make sure that the yeast problem will no longer come back by returning your body metabolism and it will also assure that you child will not get infected. Curing your yeast problem will result in a more healthy and productive life.

Live a yeast infection free life and be healthy. Cure your yeast infections

Yeast Infection Treatment

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