Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Naturally Treat Yeast Infections?

If you are one of the millions of yeast infection sufferers out there you have probably tried buying those over the counter medications available in your local drugstores. However, most of these medications only mask the infection and never really cures the infection. In order to get rid of it you will need to naturally treat the yeast infection.

Before we get into how to treat the infection, we will need to know first how it starts. The problem starts with the unusual growth of the bacteria Candida Albicans. Usually the infection begins when there is an imbalance in our body; the imbalance throws off our body's natural metabolism, thus creating a favorable environment for the infection to grow. So now you see that topical medications cannot cure the infection and in fact may just worsen it.

As you can now observe you can only remove the infection naturally by bringing back our bodies' natural metabolism. In order to treat the infection we can use different natural methods like the ones below.

Alter your diet - sometimes it is not what we do that triggers the infection, most of the time it is what we take in to our bodies. One big dietary change you can do to create a yeast infection free body is to take in more fiber, like oatmeal and leafy vegetable. A decrease in your sugar intake can also make a very big difference in your bodies metabolism.

Natural Anti Fungal- You can also try using herbal plants that have anti fungal properties like oil, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, and garlic. These plants can kill the candida bacteria on contact and provide relief for you.

All of the above are just part a method on how to naturally treat your yeast infection If you need more information on how to treat the infection, don't wait, go to the above link.

Yeast Infection Treatment

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