Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here Are 8 Useful Remedies to Cure Yeast Infection

In case you don't know, yeast infections are caused by the bacteria Candida Albicans. The bacteria resides in our bodies and is usually harmless. However, when there is a major imbalance in our body, the bacteria grows and results to an infection. So you need to cure the candida infection naturally.

Here are 8 useful remedies to cure Yeast infection.

1. Hydrate - our body needs a lot of water in order to function properly, and one of those functions is to remove toxins. If the body is not hydrated properly, the bacteria can grow much rapidly.

2. Use Tea Tree Oil - Tea tree oil is known for is anti bacterial properties, you can directly apply this to the infected area to bring relief.

3. Aloe Vera - ever since Egyptian times, the aloe vera plant has been used for it anti fungal properties. You can turn it to a paste and directly apply to the infected area.

4. Eat Garlic - garlic is not only for fighting vampires, the anti bacterial properties of garlic are also good for removing the infection.

5. Use anti fungal herbs in your diet - you can add herbs with high anti bacterial properties to your meal like oregano, garlic and olive oil.

6. Remove sugar - remove sugar from you diet, as this really triggers the growth of the bacteria. Try to also lessen your intake of bread and foods rich in carbohydrates.

7. Wear loose clothing - sometimes bacteria grows in our body because of the clothes we wear. Try to wear clothes that are comfortable and not to tight in the body.

8. Exercise - by exercising we remove all the unwanted toxins in our body by sweating, this also include the bacteria that causes the infection.

The above methods are just some of the natural remedy for yeast infection If you need more information on how to win the battle against yeast infection please click here

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