Monday, November 2, 2009

What Can You Do to Naturally Cure Yeast Infections?

What Can You Do to Naturally Cure Yeast Infections? Well to tell you truth, not a lot. If you think you can remove your infection by using those over the counter medication, then you are mistaken. That type of medication only masks the infection and never really cures it. It may provide you some relief but the infection will be back after a couple of days or weeks. So what can you do to naturally cure yeast infections?

First you need to know what a yeast infection is. A yeast infection is the result of an overgrowth of the bacteria called Candida Albican. The bacteria is part of our body and is usually harmless, however, if there is a major imbalance in our metabolism, this causes the candida bacteria to multiply very fast and the result is an infection.

Second, you need to understand that since the infection is due to internal imbalance in our bodies, it cannot be cured by any topical medicines. You will need to cure it from inside naturally. You need to bring back the natural metabolism of your body, hence creating an environment that the bacteria cannot cause any harm.

You can try any of the below natural ingredients to counter the bacteria in your body.

- natural yoghurt - contains a lot of good bacteria that can counter the infection causing bacteria.
- apple cider vinegar - acts as a natural anti fungal
- garlic
- tea tree oil - bring relief to red, prickly, chaffing skin due to the infection
- oregano - also acts as a natural anti fungal
- oatmeal - provide fiber that promotes the disposal of wastes products in our bodies

The above ingredients are just part a method on how to naturally cure your yeast infection If you are tired of recurring infections that leaves you tired and irritated, don't waste your time and click on the above link now!

Yeast Infection Treatment

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